Yoga Burn Review – What are Zoe Bray-Cotton’s Secrets?

In this Yoga Burn review we’re going to look at the new ground breaking yoga program for women. Yoga Burn is designed for all women, regardless of your background, to help lose weight and shape the perfect feminine body.

What is Yoga Burn exactly?

Yoga burn is an online program invented by Yoga instructor Zoe Bray-Cotton. The program is a done for you, guided system consisting of 15 videos that take you by the hand and lead you to healthy, natural weight loss that also encourages body firming and shaping. There are no pills or powders or any un-natural requirements to get yourself in shape with this system.
yoga burn review

This is a Yoga Burn review,
for the official site Go Here.

The program progresses through a 12 week course and at it’s core focuses on a unique approach that Zoe Bray-Cotton has dubbed Dynamic Sequencing.

It is the dynamic sequencing that takes Yoga and turns it into a fat and flab buster. It actually forces your body to change and adapt into a firm and shapely feminine figure. It’s also worth mentioning that you receive all the mental and emotional benefits that yoga provides while you’re at it as well.

How does Yoga Burn Work?

The Yoga Burn program is broken down into three phases. You go through each phase in turn and each phase builds upon the last. Let’s have a closer look at each of the 3 phases.

First Phase – Foundation Flow. The first module in the program is an introduction to safe and effective yoga practices. It includes an introduction video and the first 3 workout videos. In these Zoe Bray-Cotton gets students comfortable with the foundation poses of yoga and explains the importance of correct breathing as well as the when and how of breathing for effective yoga practice.

Second Phase – Transitional Flow. The second module of the program also starts with an introduction video and 3 new workout videos. It builds upon the foundations by linking the sequences together and transitioning from one to another in a seamless flow.

In the Transitional Flow stage there is an emphasis on being mindful of the present and the meditative benefits of Yoga. The results of this are a better ability to deal with the stress of everyday life and greater happiness.

Third Phase – Mastery Flow. The third phase of the program is what really brings it all together and starts delivering the weight loss and body shaping benefits of the course. And, let’s face it, that’s what we’re really interested in isn’t it?

In Mastery Flow all the workouts and poses are combined to give the user a complete workout routine that targets your metabolism to see you start shredding those pounds and firming the areas of your body that, like me, you may have given up on.

This is a Yoga Burn review,
for the official site Go Here.

yoga burn complete system

Where Can I Buy Yoga Burn?

Yoga Burn is only available from Zoe Bray-Cotton’s official website which you will find HERE. You are then presented with 3 different options for delivery.

The fully digital option consists of immediate access to the program by digital download and is available for all devices. It costs $37. The second option to purchase the digital option with immediate download but also have the physical DVDs mailed out to you. The price of this option is also $37 but you need to pay extra for the shipping of the DVDs. At the time of writing this review that is an extra $17.

The third option gives you the opportunity to purchase 2 lots of the program with immediate digital access and the physical DVDs for the price of $57 plus shipping. This is a great option is you want to give it to someone as a gift while keeping a copy for yourself.

Will Yoga Burn Work For You?

We are all created differently so it’s not possible to guarantee that the program will work for every single individual. It certainly should though. One of the best things about the program is that it’s offered with a full 60 day money back guarantee so you can try it in your own time and if it doesn’t end up working for you, you can get your money back with out any issues.

Get more information about Yoga urn from the official Her Yoga Secrets website.

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