What is Destiny Tuning?

Destiny Tuning is a term coined by Heather Matthews in her Manifestation Miracle program. At it’s core, what Heather explains is that Destiny Tuning is the missing ingredient for those that can’t make the Law of Attraction work for them.

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What is Destiny Tuning

Have you ever had a feeling that there was supposed to be more to your life than what’s currently in your life? This is the feeling that we get when we are out of alignment with our true destiny. We are all here for a reason, we have a destiny and a life that we are supposed to live. Our goal and the goal of destiny tuning is to have our lives and our destiny regain alignment.

Think of our lives and our destiny as a musical insturment. When you play two notes that are out of tune with each other, you can hear the vibrations of the unpleasant sound. When the two notes are in harmony with each other, we are on the way to making beautiful music. Our life and our destiny are two separate notes that are intended to be played together in harmony.

Think of your destiny, simply, as your life’s purpose. The reason you are here. You may descrie it as your mission in life or your calling but either way it is your job to discover what your mission is. When you are in tune with your life’s mission you send out strong and harmonious vibrations into the universe. The universe can’t ignore it, it will respond by sending back to you those things that are also in tune with your destiny.

Who’s Life Are You Living Anyway?

How in tune are you with who you actually are? At first, that might sound like a strange question but think about it more deeply for a moment. How much of what you do and how you live is based on your own true desires versuses what we think the world around us, expects from us.

Look at it another way and more broadly. Why do many people do the jobs that they do? Is it to fulfill their own life’s mission or is it because of pressure they feel from society. Pressure to earn a certain amount of money, to drive a certain car or live in a certain suburb. So much of what we do is to create an image of ourselves that we believe will be acceptable to others.

When we are living a life that is based on the expectations of others we fall out of alignment with our destiny.

How to Tune in Your Own Destiny

To tune into your own destiny, you must first acknowledge what that is. If you don’t know your purpose, don’t stress. The universe has been trying to tell you your whole life. The easiest way to tune in is to ask. The first question you should ask of yourself is ‘if I could spend the rest of my life doing something, what would it be?’

Knowing what you would do if you had no limitations is the very first step. Limitations have a way of disappearing when we focus on your goals whole heartedly so, never let them stand in your way. And, with a view to who you will become when in tune with your destiny you are ready to start manifesting miracles.

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