Honest and Comprehensive Text Your Ex Back Review

Download Text Your Ex BackYou may have read a Text Your Ex Back review or two that tells you what a great product it is, but were never really convinced that a program like this could actually work.

There are so many programs, modules and tricks that are designed to help us fix broken relationships or undo the mistake of letting someone that we loved go. But do these programs actually help us reach that goal? Read this honest review of the program before you sign up.

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What is Text Your Ex Back?

Feelings of wanting to get your ex back after a breakup is expected, especially if you were the one who got dumped. Even if you were the one who did the dumping, it is not surprising that you will ultimately feel like you have made a mistake, especially if you see your ex doing just fine after you break things off with him or her.

This program is the brainchild of Mike Fiore and is designed to help ordinary people get their exes back using a series of carefully worded, timed texts designed to activate feelings of love and romance between two people who have already broken up.

The program is structured into a step-by-step strategy to help a person discover the reasons behind the feelings of wanting to get back together, teaches acceptance of the past relationship as one that is dead and gone, how to erase the other person’s negative perceptions of you, and how to use across the bow texts and text judo to attract the other person’s attention back to you.

Other features of the Text Your Ex Back program include:

  • Complete Text Your Ex Back manual with 11 modules
  • Text Your Ex Back dashboard in private member’s area
  • Text Your Ex Back Audio Version (mp3 format)
  • Module on Self Improvement
  • Module on Handling Jealousy
  • Module on Goal Setting
  • Modules on How to Use Text Messages to Boost Attraction and Intimacy
  • Bonuses: 100 ready to use text messages, The Facebook Romance Secrets Program, Instant Forgiveness audio interview with Dr. Frederick Luskin and Infidelity Buster with Dr. Jan Hall.
  • Full 60-day, no questions asked money back guarantee

Does Text Your Ex Back Work

This Text Your Ex Back review won’t fill your mind with promises of how foolproof the system is. To be brutally honest, no goal can be achieved without hard work. The program’s creator himself will tell you that the structure of the program requires you to complete each module in order to get the complete benefits and to have a higher chance of success.

Your active participation and your willingness to work on yourself, discover your feelings and learn the techniques are all factors that will determine if this program will work for you or not.

Pros and Cons

The best feature about the program is the modular style of releasing information. This way, users can really immerse themselves in one stage of the program, take all the learning that they can from it, and move on to the next module. This staggered way of learning raises your chance of accomplishing the goal of getting your ex back and prevents the tendency of reading everything at once for faster results.

The creator somehow sensed that many lovesick exes are probably going to go this route and created this safety net, forcing you to stick to the course according to how it is designed so that you will get to see real results in the end. The comments section is also a great place to learn about how others are using the program and how it is working for them. It can be a great source of encouragement and information for many.

It’s also a good thing that comments for each module can be found in that module only. This prevents confusion and makes it easier to find comments for a specific topic.

One source of complaints among users is that the comment’s section in the Member’s area often gets too crowded. With the sheer volume of users, it is easy for topics to get buried under a mountain of comments. A forum-style approach for discussions could be a better idea.

Another problem is that one-time bonuses are only offered before you check out, and you never see them again. A lot of users regret not availing of the bonuses after finding out how great the entire program is.

Our Verdict

The course is very likable since it is a refreshing take on breakup solutions. We all send and receive text messages so this makes the program very relatable. The fact that the program is structured well and information is released by module and not all at once allows you to pace yourself and focus on the activities and goals for each module so you are well-equipped for the next.

The program creator really put some thought on making this program one that has a great chance of helping people achieve their desired results because it allows you to reflect on your relationship and your suitability for a new relationship with the same person and once you have determined that this is what you really want, helps you achieve that goal of creating a brand new relationship a reality.

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