5 of the Best Heatlh Benefits of Yoga

It should be no secret that Yoga has incredibly powerful health benefits, after all it’s been practiced for 5000 years for this very reason. You don’t need to become a master to experience an increase in health. A few routines a day will have immediate benefits provided that you at least make a start.

Yoga’s benefits are both physical and psychological. For physical well being Yoga improves your flexibility, balance, endurance and your strength. On a psychological level the benefits include a greater sense of mindfulness as it requires you to practice an awareness of sensations, thoughts and emotions as one performs each pose and movement during a routine.

Yoga is an exercise that is suitable for anyone and one that has no downside. Below we have a closer look at some of the specific health benefits associated with Yoga.

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Develop Strength

Yoga can act as a full body work out. It effects every muscle group of your body and helps develop and increase strength. Yoga is low impact by not putting undue stress on joints or muscles. The increase strength results from resistance of your own body weight during poses and exercises rather then relying on the lifting of additional weights as in conventional weight training.

Mental Benefits of Yoga

health benefits of yogaA key benefit and arguably the most important in our current day and age is the psychology support that it gives. Yoga provides us with a wonderful tool to deal with stress which can have devastating effects on our overall health and well-being. As a stress reduction aid, Yoga can help with drug and alcohol rehabilitation, migraine or general headaches and issues such as depression and anxiety.

By incorporating meditation and correct breathing techniques Yoga has a great ability to improve happiness and a positive attitude. This alone makes it an important and worthwhile endeavor.

Increased Energy

Meditation and physical exercise has long been known to increase energy our our feelings of vitality. Just taking a few moments out of the day to turn off from the hustle and bustle of everyday life will have incredible effects. Get into the habit of taking some time out for your own well-being each and every day.

Better Sleep

Research has found that yoga can have very positive effects for people that suffer from insomnia.
Largely because of Yoga’s ability to help people deal with stress, people who practice yoga from anywhere as little as twice per week can benefit from feeling less fatigued and get a better nights sleep. Insomniacs have seen vast improvements in their condition from daily yoga after about 8 weeks.

Breathing exercises and physical activity that are practiced in yoga routines help sooth the wandering mind and help bring about the calmness that is essential for healthy rest.

Remember that Yoga is a process and a journey. You don’t have to become an expert at it you only need to practice it. The benefits come from making the time to invest in improving your own physical and mental health.

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