Does the Law of Attraction Really Work?

If you have just started exploring the concept of the Law of Attraction, you will have been asking yourself ‘does it really work?’ It’s a fair question and a normal one.

The Law of Attraction does work and we can see the evidence of it everywhere. LOA doesn’t just work to bring us the positive things we strive for in our life, it can bring us many of the negative things that we’d rather avoid.

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The Universe doesn’t discriminate between good and bad. It doesn’t make any judgement on the things we want or are focused on. It just delivers and it delivers what we ask for, whether we realize that we asked for it or not.

Many people dismiss the Law of Attraction because they think that there is no way that you will receive a large amount of money just by asking for it. And sure, there’s more to it than that. The basic principle though, is that you will become what you believe you are. If you believe (deeply) that you’re wealthy, money will find you.

There’s another side to it though, and it’s something that’s very difficult to discount. That is that the Law of Attraction works so well that if your thoughts and beliefs are negative, negative results will be achieved. Let’s look at an example.

Take a Junky for example. Someone who has had addiction take control of their life to the point of unemployment and poverty. They always seem to be able to get their drugs. A committed drug addict is 100% focused of their next hit and the universe always provides. The universe doesn’t judge the drug addict or the lengths they may have to go to to achieve their aim. It just provides the opportunity to attain it.

A drug addict (even a smoker) can only rehabilitate and beat their addiction once they believe that they can beat their addiction. They have to believe that there is a life after addiction or their chance of recovery is almost non existent.

The junky example is just an example. What we believe we are is what we become. Don’t just listen to my example, the examples are all around. Without fail you will find this belief.

Pay attention to the people that you know in your own life. Successful and not so successful. What do you think that these people believe about themselves?

In your own life think about the times you have succeeded and the times that you’ve failed. What was the thought process and beliefs you had about each of these situations. Take time to reflect on this and you will also come up with a pattern in your answers.

This is just the basic principle that demonstrates the power of the law of attraction. It works without fail and it’s working whether we are conscious of it or not. Now, imagine what you can achieve if you actually use the Law of Attraction to it’s fullest capabilities. Fine tune your own interactions with the universe and the universe can’t help but deliver to you what it is you desire.

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